How to Select a Shower or Bath for Your Accessible Bathroom

When you're looking at ideas for bathroom remodeling designs, the shower or bath is often one of the most important aspects, especially if you're considering an aging-in-place or handicapped bathroom. The last thing you want to do is lay down thousands in bathroom remodeling costs only to find that you have to tear it out and redesign it when the needs of your family change.

Your new bathroom can also incorporate a handicap bathroom design. This is a great way to save yourself remodeling costs down the line and will also protect your ability to remain in your house as you age. So how can you design your shower or bath in a way that will accommodate all of your family's needs?

One of the most important factors of an accessible shower is size. You want a shower to be big enough to roll a wheelchair into if necessary. Having a larger shower will also give you room to install a recessed or fold-down tub seat that won't inconvenience family members that don't use tub seats.If you don't want to install permanent tub seats, you can always get removable ones.

These will often be more practical since they can be positioned under the stream of water and are less likely to get slippery with use.Shower controls should be accessible to both a standing person and a sitting person, and you should usually use easy-to-turn levers that don't require a strong grasp to turn. Adjustable handheld shower heads are a great solution too, since they can be positioned for for someone who's standing or sitting.

Since dangerous falls can occur in baths and showers, non-slip floors and grab bars are very important and may even save lives. Grab bars will also help mobility-challenged users transfer themselves in and out of wheelchairs, or raise themselves into a standing position.

The lip of your shower should be low to allow a wheelchair to roll in and out. There are also a wide variety of walk-in bathtubs with doors that seal to keep water in if you don't want to give up the ability to take a bath.

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