Recent Bathroom Contractor Added to Arizona's ‘Most Wanted' List Another Reminder to Homeowners

bathroom contractorIf there's one thing we're most proud of at AZ Bathroom Remodeling, it's our more than 10 years of service and consistent efforts in delivering a high level of craftsmanship, quality, and dedication on every single project. We believe our customers are our most valuable asset and strive to meet or exceed expectations on every job we work on. That's why stories like the recent case of Donald Libby invoke particularly strong emotions throughout our company.

Libby, 51 of Phoenix, is the most recent of faux bathroom contractors and home remodeling experts to be added to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors' Most Wanted Unlicensed Entities List, according to The Arizona Republic. Libby, a rogue home and bathroom contractor, allegedly has left multiple projects he was hired to work on completely demolished and unfinished after receiving payments.

The agency announced the new addition of the bathroom contractor to their list in a press release on Monday, saying that Libby is also known to have several warrants for his arrest related to contracting without a license. While no concrete numbers were available at the time of this writing, the reports indicate he took "large amounts” of money and left after destroying already existing structures.

Investing in a bathroom remodel is one of the best home renovation projects you can make, because it yields a 62% return on average. You'll generally need bathroom remodelers every 20 years or so, but when it comes time to make the call make sure you're putting your faith (and money) in the right hands.

Scam cases like this are far too common in the home remodeling industry, which is another reason AZ Bathroom Remodeling prides itself on our relationship with every customer from start to finish.

So far the registrar is investigating three official complaints on Libby, is awaiting a fourth, and is aware of several others that haven't formally filed yet. Don't become the next victim of Libby or anyone like him. Instead, call AZ Bathroom Remodeling and ensure you'll get exactly what you pay for.