Make Your Home a Spa with These 4 Trendy Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling

Isn't it time your bathroom got a makeover? The average bathroom will require an update every 20 years, minimum, so unless you're going for pure kitsch, it's probably time to ditch the mint green tub and flamingo pink tiles that were installed a few decades ago. Fortunately, the bathroom is one of the best places to remodel and see results. Research shows that bathroom remodeling costs yield a 62% return on investment, so you're likely to see some of that if you ever have to sell your home. In the meantime, however, why not turn your bathroom into your own private oasis?

Interested in bringing your bathroom into the 21st century? Besides making updates for efficiency, check out some of the trendiest ideas for bathroom remodeling.


  1. Speed up the morning routine with double sink vanities. Extra-wide vanities have been the prevailing trend for some time now, especially those that include two sinks. Whether you need the space for his-and-hers grooming or have to get the kids moving in the morning, double sink vanities can speed up your daily routine. And those sinks don't have to be boring either. Add vessel sinks, which sit like a bowl on your counter, or choose square or rectangular fixtures instead.
  2. Get creative with patterns. Gone are the days of tile walls that look like they belong in a locker room. Opt for geometric shapes, and Mediterranean or Arabesque patterns on your bathroom tiles if you're really looking to make an impression. For a look that will truly make a splash in your bathroom, try three-dimensional tiles to give your walls some texture. If you crave something a bit more uniform, choose white subway tiles to give your bathroom a clean, gleaming appearance. You can then pick out patterned accessories, from ornate doors to brightly colored towels, to break things up.
  3. Skip the medicine cabinet. While medicine cabinets are functional, they're not often considered trendy. Instead, think outside the box with storage by choosing cabinets and shelving for your bathroom. Undersink cabinets are a great place to store all of your essentials. Metal and glass shelves, meanwhile, can add some style while serving a more utilitarian purpose. They're also a great place to store candles and aromatherapy oils, so you can feel like you're at a luxurious spa without leaving your home. In place of the medicine cabinet, choose a decorative mirror to hang on the wall.
  4. Rethink bath (and shower) time. Standard tubs and showers are great, but if you're looking to ditch the shower curtain, you have alternatives thanks to many of the most modern ideas for bathroom remodeling. Glass-enclosed shower stalls can give any bathroom a stylish update. Walk-in showers and bathtubs make bathing easier and they're also safe for those who are aging or have disabilities. Installing a bench or seat in the shower can really make your home feel like a retreat.

Need more ideas for bathroom remodeling design suited for your home? Whether you just need to get rid of that pastel sink or you want to turn your bath into a sanctuary, contact our expert bathroom remodelers today to find out how your home can be transformed.