The Benefits of Having a Handicapped Bathroom in Your Home

handicap bathroomsWhile all able-bodied people can used bathroom fixtures designs for those who are handicapped, not all handicapped people can use the bathrooms designed for able-bodied folks. This is the underlying, fundamental reason why it is a great idea to upgrade your home bathroom to a handicap bathroom with the help of a bathroom contractor. Check out the other reasons and benefits of having handicap bathrooms here:

Multi-Generational Living
Multi-generational housing is becoming more and more popular, but it can be hard to accommodate everyone's needs when there are three or even four generations coexisting with each other under one roof. The bathroom is one of the most highly trafficked spaces in your home, so it would greatly benefit everyone in your multi-generational household to have a bathroom remodel to accommodate those who have a harder time using it.

The plain and simple truth is that making a bathroom accessible to people who have a disability can greatly improve their quality of life within the home, which can be true even for frequent or occasional visitors. Their autonomy, confidence, and happiness will improve, as will everyone else's , knowing that the entirety of their home is accessible to everyone.

Resale Value
You might not think it, but any renovation of a bathroom vastly improves its resale value. Investing in a bathroom remodel yields a 62% return on average. And, while it will improve your quality of life and general happiness, it's also going to be majorly worth it when you sell.

Don't stop at practical considerations, either. Handicap bathrooms have a lot of room for decisions when it comes to decorating, choosing tile, paint, and other design elements. Bring everyone involved into the design process with the bathroom contractors to create a beautiful and great new space.

Make sure to check out the ADA requirements and recommendations for ideas for bathroom remodeling in this particular vein, and make your new bathroom a positive, inviting and safe space for all those who live in and visit your home.