Before Bathroom Remodeling, Always Ask Yourself 3 Questions

bathroom contractorOne of the nicest things you can do for yourself, your family, and your house is to remodel the bathroom. Indeed, if you care about getting an eventual return on your home remodeling investment, then it's the best option, with an ROI of 62% on average. And since we spend a lot of time primping, preparing, and relaxing in the bathroom, it is well worth the cost of bathroom contractors to make it into the type of place where you actually want to spend time.

But it is especially important to make sure that your bathroom remodel meets the practical needs of your situation. So how do you boost the value of your home, optimize your ROI, and actually appreciate the results of bathroom remodeling?

Don't forget to ask yourself these three questions before you settle on bathroom remodeling designs with your bathroom contractors:

Who is going to be using the bathroom?
Will it be small children? Family members with disabilities? Before you make any changes, it is important to consider who will benefit the most from the remodel. If it's the kids' bathroom, it might be a good idea to add an extra sink or two, to make mornings a little easier. Kids might also appreciate fun tiles and colorful paints that would look tacky in a master bathroom. For handicapped relatives, it is a great idea to expand the doorway to about 36 inches, in order to accommodate a turn from the hallway into the bathroom in a wheelchair.

What is the bathroom used for?
Of course, we know what the bathroom will be used for, but the specifics are particular to you and your family. Will the bathroom in question be simply a place to wash and bathe? In that case, a sophisticated bathtub and shower setup may be in order. Will it be used for the long morning rituals of preparation for work or formal environments? Extra outlets, more sink counter space, and a large medicine cabinet coming right up.

Where is the bathroom in your home?
The location of the bathroom in your home may dictate how exactly you want to proceed with the designs for your new commode. This is especially true for those who are remodeling with handicap access in mind. They might have trouble accessing if it's on a level or higher floor. Depending on your home, it may be possible to expand your bathroom space for greater access, one of the top reasons people invest in bathroom remodeling in the first place. Consulting with an expert in handicapped bathrooms might be your best bet in this instance.

Bathroom remodeling is a great investment for your present and future. Make sure you know what to tell your bathroom remodelers and bathroom contractors before they start work.