5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Handicap Bathroom Remodeling

Handicapped Bathrooms ScottsdaleThere are plenty of reasons to remodel your bathroom. For one, the introduction of a wheelchair may cause you to remodel to match the handicapped bathrooms Scottsdale have. Bathroom remodeling can improve the quality of life for handicapped individuals. If you are looking for ideas for bathroom remodeling, here are five things you may want to consider.

Bathing: shower and tub accessibility
The shower is one of the most difficult places for people with mobility issues to access. For some, placing a small stool or plastic chair in the shower can allow people to sit while taking a shower. It can be removed when not in use.

For wheelchair users, installing a curbless shower is a great solution for handicap bathroom remodeling. The opening to the shower is level with the floor and has a slope to the drain. It can be up to 60″ wide for wheelchair users to move freely or for assists.

Bathroom sink and vanity accessibility
Many people who do not have a disability do not consider many of the challenges the disabled face each day. Sinks and vanities should not have any cabinetry underneath and have enough clearance for open knee space. There should be a 34″ maximum rim height and a 27″ clearance for knee space.

Bathroom toilet accessibility
To make it easy to transfer from a wheelchair or walker to a toilet, it is recommended that the toilet be 17-19″ high. You may want to consider a wall-hung toilet in your bathroom remodeling design for easier access. Don't forget to set the toilet paper dispenser at a comfortable height just ahead of the bowl as well.

Consider hiring a bathroom remodeling company to install a grab bar on one side of the toilet 18″ to the nearest wall or fixture. It is recommended to place a toilet between two support bars with 36″ between them.

Bathroom lighting
Lighting is very important in the bathroom. While natural light is ideal, consider lowering your light switches for wheelchair users. Light switches should have a large toggle or push button that does not require a pinching motion to turn off and on.

General bathroom access and safety
The general rule of thumb for handicapped bathrooms Scottsdale and other areas must follow is to 30″ x 48″ for mobility. The door should be no less than 34″ wide for wheelchairs and have lever door handles rather than doorknobs. There should be enough room for a wheelchair and another person for assistance to be comfortable.

The average American bathroom requires a remodel every 20 years. Within that 20 years, some homeowners may find themselves having to remodel sooner to accommodate a wheelchair. Consider the above tips before changing your bathroom to fit the handicapped bathrooms Scottsdale is known for.