3 Things to Consider When Designing A Handicapped Accessible Bathroom

bathroom remodelingThe design of a handicap bathroom is all about placement. The spatial orientation of everything in the room must be carefully considered before any construction is to be done, which is one reason why it is very important to consult with qualified bathroom contractors who have a particular knowledge of handicapped bathrooms. It is also important to incorporate the user into the design conversation, to make sure that the contractors understand his or her particular needs and desires.

Where are you planning on storing things like toilet paper, shampoo, soap, washcloths, and medications? These toiletries should be stowed away somewhere where the users of the bathroom can locate and access them easily by themselves.

Grab Bars
The placement of grab bars in the handicapped bathrooms is essential for a successful bathroom remodeling job. There should be grab bars anywhere it would help the bathroom user to use to facilities. The most important places are near the toilet and the tub or shower, but depending on what else is in the bathroom, there may be other places in the bathroom where a grab bar would be useful.

The better lit the bathroom is, the safer it will be. This is one reason to consider opting for a glass shower door instead of a curtain, as a door will let more light in. Controlling the lights should not be difficult, and their controls should be centralized so that the user doesn't have to have too much difficulty reachign them.

Bathroom remodeling for a relative who is handicapped can make the difference between their relative autonomy and ability to care for themselves, and the need for an in-home caretaker. Bathroom remodeling companies who concentrate in that area will be able to give advice and figure out a way to work with what you already have — or recommend a different route. Don't be afraid to make your home, and particularly your bathroom, completely accessible and easy to use for everyone who lives under that roof.